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I Have A Lot Of Thoughts About This

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Most of them just include “Fuck yea casting!” and “Oh dear god that title” with a smidgen of hominahominahomina.

Barry Watson’s Back (On ABC). From the Future.

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I give you: a not-to-be-missed tv world premiere event. And by not-to-be-missed I mean absolutely watch it later via the interwebs, with friends and alcohol:

My Future Boyfriend

NO seriously, watch that trailer. You will not regret it. Whether you love or hate Barry Watson, this preview will only further your feeling. And it lends itself to the easiest ABCFam original movie drinking game ever: drink whenever Barry Watson SPEAKS IN A ROBOT VOICE. (Be warned: that’s how we will speak 1000 years into the future! Eeek!)

I love finding out about new ABCFam movies…it’s like, what not-lately-seen ABC actors will be randomly thrown together into a romance? Aaaaha, Sara Rue and Barry Watson, of course. Oozing with chemistry, those two together. Do you think ABCFam has some kind of algorithm they use for casting?

I just recently began to like Barry Watson after years of dislike fueled by 7th Heaven (which, yes, I did watch all the way into college when the “series finale” revealed that the majority of the siblings would be procreating at the same time…and then the series ended up coming back for another season…which I also watched), through when I lived with Kate and she defended him and told me to watch What About Brian, till present day when I finally did watch What About Brian and then rewatched Samantha Who? (both on Netflix right now) and finally liked him. But ABC, please just give him another show and don’t make him play a robot-like future man who is made to wear a trenchcoat to represent his being from the future. I mean, I could go on about wardrobe and product placement in these movies, but you’ll have to watch for yourself– that’s HALF THE FUN.

This Is What I Did Last Night

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A) Rock the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

For a better shot of me in all my glory, go to image 16 in this slideshow. I’m the happy person in the back. My presence, along with Odette’s, on the cover of this stupendous paper, prompted my boss to include me in this blog post.

B) Work on this video.

The CityRoom: The Incumbent Loses from WBEZ on Vimeo.

CityRoom video: An election night to remember (starring Berny Stone) [WBEZ]

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