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This Month Is F

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Well isn’t she alternately sassy and classy!

Exciting news, trusty and loyal steeds! I’m working on an actual BOOK (“You remember books…primitive versions of the DVD”), entitled The Book of Jezebel. It is, you guessed it, an encyclopedia about the site Jezebel. Lots of cool people are involved, but the head honchos consist of the always impressive feminists Anna Holmes and Kate Harding. Please stay tuned, and help me with my first task:

What are words that start in F that have something to do with anything that you think that someone who reads Jezebel might care about?

Think outside the box; people, places, things, adjectives. I want you for your BRAINstorming, not your body.

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4 Responses to “This Month Is F”

  1. DGrupp
    on Mar 29th, 2011
    @ 7:52 pm

    You mean like “frybread” — state dish of Arizona? Or a fugue — either a composition or a psychological state? Friendship? Fat (hating, loving, absorbing)?

  2. alex
    on Mar 30th, 2011
    @ 3:58 pm

    fugue is such an ugly sounding word.

  3. DGrupp
    on Mar 30th, 2011
    @ 5:10 pm

    Is that why so many people say “less” when they mean “fewer”?

  4. Jessie
    on Mar 31st, 2011
    @ 10:29 pm

    But my bodystorming is my best feature!

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