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In case you all don’t read the bottom “About Me” inset on this blog that is “About Me”, I’m now writing over at PopMatters for their Channel Surfing blog about, what else, TV. Here’s one post about the new NBC show Perfect Couples, and its resemblance to Friends, and another about the latest man to step into a Superman suit and never look back. I’m contributing bi-weekly, so stay tuned for fresh-off-the-presses insight into a legitimate art form, really.

If you’re in the Chicago area, you should be attending as many of The Paper Machete‘s Saturday shows as possible. They’re free, and last week’s Valentine’s Day episode featured the one and only Christopher, who makes the rounds around here sometimes as a Mentionable (and if he ever gets around to it, we will be launching some sort of wedding-related multimedia piece of hilarity on this site some time in the near future). If you are chomping at the bit for a preview, check out this piece and you should begin to get a feel for the type of thing to be mercifully torn to shreds.

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