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Chuck Becomes Relevant Again

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My interest in the show had really reached an all-time low, which is unfortunate, given that I used to be the biggest fan of Chuck ever. But leave it to Jeffster, the best band that never was, to bring it back in this episode entitled “Chuck vs. The Push Mix.” If I ever have a baby and am not totally knocked up (Get it?! Unintentional, I SWEAR) on drugs and the like, I will request this song be pumped over the loudspeaker to help speed the birthing along. Who knew the lyrics were so perfect; I’m assuming neither Salt nor Pepa did.

I Hope This Is One Day A Headline

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Future U.S. History Students: ‘It’s Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marriage’ [The Onion]

It’s all in the details. We’ve got references to a future with a President Romney, his son Craig, an out gay man and a four term president, holographic projections, an age with no death penalty, and nationwide approval of a woman’s right to choose. “‘Wow, that is nuts,’ said student Jeremy Golliver, who claimed he knew gay rights was a struggle ‘like, a hundred years ago’ but didn’t realize it lasted so long.”

But please, let’s have some of our potential future work out differently: “After concluding the week’s examination of the history of gay marriage rights, classroom sources in the year 2083 said they would be moving on to the topic of how their grandparents’ generation was too late to do anything about global warming.”

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