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TTMMW: “What is it about high school, you read all the worst books by good writers”

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Keeping track of weeks for the Thelonious Monk weblog confuses me. So, let’s just start calling this feature “stuff that happened recently that is applicable to this category”, shall we? To be updated approximately weekly, as per before. This is technically week 7/8, for those trying to keep track.

1. Update:
As I know you were all chomping at the bit to hear my thoughts on the Norman Rockwell photography show at the Brooklyn Museum, it was great. Rockwell was always more of an illustrator, an amazing technician, but it was his compositional skills that really set him apart. Using photography, which he considered a crutch, was the best way to do his pieces, and getting a chance to see how that process was meticulously handled is an insight into an artist’s development in a way we don’t usually get a chance to see. Here are a few examples from the exhibit.

Additionally, Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Table, which I had only read about in the past, has a beautiful home there now. When we went, Lauren wondered why the plates became three-dimensional only towards the 19th and 20th centuries. I wasn’t sure, but a little further research showed that, “The 39 plates themselves start flat and begin to emerge in higher relief towards the very end of the chronology, meant to represent modern woman’s gradual independence and equality, though it is still not totally free of societal expectations”, says Janet Koplos in her article “The Dinner Party Revisited”, from Art in America‘s May 2003 issue.

2. I’m surprised Sarah Jessica Parker is not on this list of actresses you irrationally hate
She’s been replaced by January Jones. Unsurprisingly, Renee Zellweger make her presence known.

3. Judith Jamison leaves Alvin Ailey as artistic director
And gets a rave review from Alastair Macaulay, something that’s pretty hard to do, if we all remember the hubbub over the fat ballerina.

4. All things PIXAR
Stamps! And a well-edited video:

5. Segregation and Jazz
A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what black performers, considered at the top of their industry, had to face before integration. [Houston History Magazine]

6. Great movie about family
Every time I watch The Squid and the Whale the more I feel like Noah Baumbach had some insight into my family, even though it shares few obvious similarities with the Berkman family. It just reeks of truth on a level that is not so much uncomfortable as so real you can’t look away.

7. Other Music News
Chuck Berry collapses during one of his shows. Get better Chuck! I need to see you to fulfill my lifelong dream.

Another weird Dylan thing turns out not to be true. [Stereogum]

Pitchfork’s albums shown, super beautifully. [Year in Reviews]

8. The best two things together
Tennis + Water [Gawker]

9.Detroit is falling apart
But at least we’re documenting it’s demise. [The Guardian]

10. The Daily Show is boss
And might be coming back to Hulu. Please please please, give me what I want:

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11. Future Almodóvar to get excited about
Sounds like a snazzier Nip/Tuck.
First Look: Antonio Banderas In Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘The Skin That I Inhabit’ [Indiewire]

12. And on a more positive note, let’s remember that even when bad things happen, good things do too:

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