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Kate, circa age 10: “Goal — See Shark Born — Learn More About Sharks.”

Context: I was really into sharks, because I had just finished this ancient biography about this famous woman who was maybe the first female shark scientist? And I was all like, I can be her and learn to scuba dive to the bottom of a lagoon, like on the cover, and meet with sharks and educate people about how they are not all Jaws.

More recent context: I have been cleaning out my house. There is a lot of worthy stuff. This particular piece was just in a pile of papers from around the time I started Middle School. Apparently, I knew one day I would want to reflect on things never to be accomplished.

Relatedly: The Shark Conservation Act has finally become a law, largely due to, I’m sure, the impressive efforts of Ms. January Jones and her scintillating comments about their well-being. If I looked like this, shark-lover though I am, I might have picked a more sexy cause.
More to come. And seriously, if anyone can find that biography, or perhaps knows what woman was semi-popular in the scientific community for her work with those scary creatures, I would be much obliged.

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