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The Mothership came a callin’ here at Smart Girls. Emily’s post “The Helen Mirren Hypothesis” was republished on Jezebel, making it a very happy Christmas indeed. Props to her (you can read more at her fresh-off-the-presses blog, Rosie Says) and all my faithful contributors and mentionables, who make me far smarter and interesting to read. And of course the loyal readers, both new and old! Stick around, we’ll make it worth your while.

In the spirit of the holidays, not that anyone particularly needs a reminder, Feministing has a nice guide to giving, for those who get overwhelmed by The New York Times screaming “DON’T FORGET! REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST!” A few that I’m into: Planned Parenthood for sure, as well as Feeding America. But of course, it means more if it’s really your jam.

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