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‘Tis The Season For Buying Nice Looking Stuff

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If there ever was a time, pick now. The only part of the Holdays that makes me endlessly depressed is how much hideous stuff people get and give and it just proliferates a cycle of awful that really, let’s face it, can be nipped quickly in the bud with a little old-fashioned honesty and a slight bit of creativity. Or, a really good gift receipt.

A few ideas if you’re still tossing that ball of coal in the air, getting ready to put it in my stocking:

Not everyone has the time to totally redo the entire packaging of a product, carefully removing the original label off the box like in my favorite scene from Catch Me If You Can where he takes the TWA logo off of tons of model planes (the really good stuff starts at about 1:15). But if you are so thoughtful, consider trying to become an Über design pro and strip stuff down to its bare essentials, like these design dudes did.

For those feeling less esoteric and just want something to wear, these Nike High Top dunks are almost making my gold glitter ones feel boring.

The perfect thing to look forward to spring (with)!

Release your inner child with this super cool chandelier made of colored pencils by Isabelle Lochet. You can rearrange it to suit your every whim and it lights up.

And when all else fails, just go to Budapest. Because it’s surprisingly awesome and they build apartment buildings like this:

Or you can stay at Happy Flat, tell Fabio I sent you, or don’t because his name isn’t actually Fabio, it’s something Hungarian and I didn’t even try to bother to attempt to learn that language like Jessie did on the train with such vigor. But he is great and will literally give you the Budapest 411, which includes referrals to amazing clubs under rivers that are outdoors, or places to get your haircut like Horror Barbie.

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