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A Delayed Thelonious Monk Weblog Post Week 4

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1) Should Dylan stop performing?
The Wall Street Journal thinks so. Just because he’s erratic doesn’t mean he’s any less entertaining. Also then I wouldn’t get a chance to see things like this, and that’s not cool at all:
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2) He always wanted Jack Nicholson to play him in a movie
Jack Nicholson: “I just like getting up sometime between 11 and 1, this is not movie hours unless you’re doing night movies. Play golf. I got a couple of kids in college so I’m on the phone a lot. See my pals. Chase women around. . . Talk to my Congressman.”

3) The Guardian admits to an embarrassing error
Simply Red is a great 70s band that consists of some white boys who play Rhythm and Blues. They also got some real action, even more than originally reported:
“Owing to an editing error, we said that Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall slept with more than 1,000 women in a three-year period during the mid-80s. That was meant to be more than 1,000 a year, based on his estimate of an average of three such encounters a day, as stated elsewhere in our stories (A new flame: Hucknall apology to 1,000 women he bedded, page 19, 3 December; ‘I feel a bit like the antichrist’, page 3, Film & Music).”

4) Pete Sampras gets all of his stuff stolen
This sucks. Kids love shiny stuff. Sampras said, “I’m not one to gloat about trophies, or show them off. I’ve never been like that. I just want them for my kids to see. They didn’t see me play, but I’d like them to see these things. Losing this stuff is like having the history of my tennis life taken away.”

5) This Is Spinal Tap IMDB Rating Goes to 11

Who did this. They are my best friend.

6) Howard Dean is a G
Howard Dean On Tax Deal: ‘A Short-Term Washington Fix’ Filled With Easy Promises [HuffPo]

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