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Oh Wait It’s Not Really The End

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On Friday, Oprah aired her last-ever “My Favorite Things” episode. Except oh wait, it’s not really the last ever because tomorrow there is a second batch of people waiting to get all the same gifts or something. Except she’s tricked them into feeling intense suffering by making them watch all these other people come out with their gifts, and makes them feel like “they just missed the bus.” Oprah actually says that she wanted to see the looks on their faces when they realized what they were missing. As a follow up, she wanted to see the looks on their faces when they actually got what they wanted and she gave it to them! I know she does a lot of good for people, but this just seems cruel and self-serving. I wonder if she has some sort-of Santa Claus disorder, where she must be the reason people are happy through gifting. I may notify the DSM for their fifth edition about this possible illness.

UPDATE: Some awesome GIF’s and stills of Oprah’s audience here.

It’s Been A Week Of Jeff Goldblum And Boy Does It Feel Good

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1) He Reminds Us of Another Reason to See Annie Hall

Skip to the end. Except the part with Cher is really good too, so maybe watch that also.

2) He Performs The Best Song Ever

A quality cover:

3) He’s in a halfway decent Rom Com
Love me some Rachel McAdams. Also, anything that puts Harrison Ford against Diane Keaton is a-okay in my book. Though there was some pretty blatant product placement for Emergen-C and it I’m saying that, you know it’s serious. Is it possible to become addicted to a fizzy vitamin C powder?

4) “Please welcome the American treasure that is Jeff Goldblum everybody.”



5) His Stalker Gets Out Of Jail
And he isn’t allowed to get a new restraining order against her because there isn’t a “fresh threat”? Jeff, I personally volunteer myself for the job of your 24/7 bodyguard until your safety can be confirmed again.

And that’s this week in Jeff Goldblum!

Ladystoner Profile Of This Week Is A Friend

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Mary Jane Eyre is “smart, creative, thoughtful and driven.” And also such a badass. Hopefully she’ll be contributing more to the site in the future, but for now, take a gander at how she feels about pot.

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