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Vote! And Watch The Returns Come In, My Mom Says So

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“It will be very much like they are on ‘TV’ except the ‘TV’ will be on our website.” Nice use of air quotes, Mom.

The Goes Live Tonight with Video News and Commentary, a First [Beet.TV]

Halloween Post-Mortem: Friends and Enemies

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1) My New Best Friend

Gawker ranked their best reader Halloween costumes and Best Meme went to SarahFrank as Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

2) Bette Midler is apparently friends with Martha Stewart?

“Martha Stewart made this costume for me. I called her up and I said, ‘Martha, I can’t take it anymore, do something for me.’ And she said, ‘I’m going to make you the most beautiful tree ever’ — and she did! And it’s got fireflies, and it’s beautiful!” [NYMag]

Check out this video of Bette on The Martha Stewart Show. I love how Bette just chatters through Martha’s comments, bubbling away.

3) I’d like him to be my best friend, but he’s too scary
This is the one time that age has actually made a pumpkin look cooler.

Note FLW rocking it out in the background. He’s unfazed.

4) I’m glad someone else thinks these fake spiderwebs are super creepy

I’ve seen some that are pink. PINK. If they were real, that would be one thing…
Spiderweb Watch [The Hairpin]

NOTE: This has been updated a few times. Because pretending to be someone else is never really over.

My Father Now Texts

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4:38 pm: “I’m learning love pops.”

Let it be known: If a sixty-nine year old man can change, you can too.

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