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In Memoriam: To My Walkman

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The Top 5 Most Listened to Tracks on My Walkman
By Kate, Age 6*

1. Anything off of The Great 28 by Chuck Berry
2. “Subterranean Homesick Blues” — Bob Dylan
3. “Layla” — Derek and the Dominoes
4. “California Girls” — The Beach Boys
5. “Wild Tchoupitoulas – Meet De Boys On De Battlefront” – The Wild Tchoupitoulas

*Editors’ Note: This list is from memory. A number of Disney songs are exempt from it.

Sony retiring cassette Walkman in Japan [Washington Post]

TV Guide Loves Liz Lemon; Expresses This Love In An Interesting Manner

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There’s so much going on here that I can only assume that whoever wrote this
a) is in possession of the best sense of humor ever
b) has the most lenient boss ever.
Perhaps a combination of a and b could explain it as well.

Please note that this poll is sponsored by Summer’s Eve aka the company that makes douches, in smells like Island Splash.

What Is The Deal With Dyson?: Vacuum Cleaners Explored

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Dyson has come out with a new “City” vacuum cleaner. Because it’s smaller, and you have less space in cities, so that’s why it’s called that.

They have wisely avoided emulating the design of their last and most famous model, which is the color and style of the most hideous car ever seen:

I was always under the impression that designer James Dyson did not actually make money off of these $400 vacuum cleaners, and had firmly placed them in my Segway category of invention (for items that get a lot of hype but are not actually purchased by anyone). But those Dyson commercials that always feature James seem to have paid off, as he was worth $1.1 billon dollars as of 2008. He’s also written an entire autobiography about his life, entitled (yes) Against the Odds: An Autobiography.

Dyson really doesn’t know what he’s up against. His vacuum cleaners may have extra-strength suction or whatever, but they are nowhere near as cool as the robot vaccum cleaner, as seen in this excellent scene from Gilmore Girls:

I Dare You To Be Cooler, Rachel Maddow

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“CA: What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge facing feminism today?

RM: Feminism is itself a challenge. Feminism is a challenge to the way things are in the world. It is by definition an oppositional movement, because it’s trying to accomplish something. I’ve never felt like feminism was a consciousness raising effort in isolation. Everything about feminism is about getting something in the world to get better for women, and to get the world to be less stupid on gender bifurcation terms. I think that feminism over time gets better, or it gets better and worse and better and worse at achieving the goals that it’s trying to achieve, but the overall mission stays the same. I guess I don’t think of it as feminism versus anti-feminism; I sort of think of it as feminism versus the world. I don’t think of it as a competition; there’s no winning. In feminism, you’re always trying to make stuff better. It’s opposition to which you cannot attribute a tally.”

The Feministing Five: Rachel Maddow [Feministing]

Galleria Mall Fire Ravages Local Hot Spot; Destroys My Favorite Store

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CALIFORNIA – Trader Joe’s lines were extensively long this afternoon, the product of, I can only assume, an arson at the Galleria Mall in Roseville which shut down the area’s greatest attraction – a 1.5 million square foot mall that 9 million people visit each year. Alexander Corney Piggee, the prime suspect, walked into a Game Stop shortly after the mall opened on Thursday, claimed to have a gun, muttered incoherently about his sister being abducted by “aliens,” and ordered the employees out. He then set fire to the store. Though Piggee was apprehended shortly after the mall was evacuated, his backpack had gone missing. Because police suspected it may contain an incendiary device, firefighters were not allowed to enter the mall, leaving only the sprinkler system to combat the fire. Instead, they attacked the fire from the roof, spraying down the flames climbing the building, as the damage spread and the roof caved in. By nightfall, the fire had been tamed, but smoke, fire, and uncountable gallons of water had left at least $7 million in damage, not including merchandise.

As the most successful mall outside of San Francisco, the Galleria has always been a hot spot. The day it opened, in 2000, caused unexpectedly high truancy rates throughout local school districts as kids cut school to see the stilt walkers and circus acts, and cram with thousands upon thousands of people to buy, buy, buy. I feel a great sadness for “the regulars,” a group of people I familiarized myself with when I too was a mall employee. “The regulars,” also known as “the die-hards” seem to live in the mall, and may in fact now be homeless. Fortunately, the loyal community has already rallied, with a musician offering to do a benefit concert, and concerned citizens calling to ask how they can help. The City of Roseville, which depends heavily on the mall’s $3 million in tax revenue each year, asks only that people continue to patronize the stores nearby, and turn out to support the stores upon reopen. At the moment, it is hoped the undamaged area of the mall will be open by the locally (and nationally) celebrated holiday, Black Friday, but it seems that my favorite store, American Eagle, was just beneath the scene of the crime. It is unlikely I will be able to “Live in Jeggings” anytime soon.

As a side note, it is rumored Piggee attempted to check himself in to a mental institution several times in recent weeks for depression, only to be denied. That was a mistake. As my sister says, “Local women everywhere will be crying for days at their loss.”

Geoffrey Rush Is The Coolest

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Who could not love that face, even when placed next to the crazy that is Helena Bonham Carter? Better question: Who is he making that face at? Me? You? A sexy paparazzi with whom he has been carrying on a secret love affair?

Personal Dilemma: Every time I see the name Geoffrey I have absolutely zero impulse to pronounce it Jeffrey and instead say Joffrey.

Do Yourself A Favor

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And look through this entire photo archive of the of New York Subway Historical photos. I’d pick one or two, but I honestly can’t narrow them down. The ones behind the scenes that show how they clean the cars and general maintenance are especially cool. And they definitely make me appreciate the city as it stands now. It’s only when I see actual images of the city in the 80s why everyone was so afraid of the crime.


Image by Danny Dries “Mickey Balloon” Brooklyn, 1967-68

News From Men Who Give Us Naked Women

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Playboy is putting together the classiest of coffee-table books that will consist of some of their greatest covers. Makes one wonder why they hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon earlier, when we all know that they have been making puzzles of their centerfolds for some time.

In other news, Penthouse founder Bob Guccione died on Wednesday after a long battled with Lung Cancer. He was 79. Started a little more than a decade after Playboy, Guccione wanted to create a more explicit version of the men’s magazine, and often faced even more outcry than Playboy for his choice. So how does The New York Times choose to commemorate his life? By ending his obituary with the following passage:

“Creditors foreclosed on the Guccione mansion, and he moved out in 2006. (Penthouse magazine, however, is still being published.) Dozens of items from the town house — fireplace mantels, marble columns, even a circular staircase — were auctioned off by a Connecticut gallery in 2009 for a fraction of their presale estimates, with the proceeds going to a charity. ‘Kind of gaudy,’ said Dave Kerr, a prospective buyer looking skeptically over the lot. ‘It wouldn’t work in our house. I guess he lived a different lifestyle.'”

What a lovely way to finish a retrospective of someones life; commenting on the ugly nature of their belongings.

The Guggenheim Has Taken Over YouTube!

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Oh wait, no, it’s just about art. Here’s hoping FLW would approve.


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