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BREAKING NEWS: The Roof Is On Fire

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The Math/Stat building on the University of Chicago campus (on University, between 57th and 58th on the east side) is on serious fire. Here’s hoping that a) everyone is ok and b) the very important Center for Gender Studies next door does not burn down either.

Though none of the awesome IT services webcams caught it, there are apparently about nine fire trucks, and so much smoke and water that people are definitely coughing. From my official point of view, they’ve been doing construction on this building for at least a year, it’s pretty old, and it’s been very windy today (though this has not been the worst storm in 70 years), all of which makes for a pretty poor combo. Check out videos here:
IMG_0128 (Mostly Smoke)
and here: IMG_0129(Actual flames)
of LIVE footage of the flames (from a safe distance of course). Note the following dialogue in the second video:

Alicia: “Woooof…Did I just say woof?”
Other Dude: You did just say woof.

For those feeling humorous:

We’ll have more updates when the all-informative Chicago Maroon gets its act together.

Additional reporting by Alex and Alicia

Willow “Whip My Hair” Smith And Justin Bieber Dougie

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Thank god for Willow, she’s clearly teaching the Biebz a thing or two, though I wish this video was better quality. I also wish that Justin Bieber danced more like this during his regular performances so as to add fuel to the fire of the rumor that he is actually related to Usher. Haven’t heard that rumor? Maybe it’s because I just started it.

Mad Men For Kids: “a bridge over the river Why”

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Really more for adults who want to be kids. Tomorrow, Mr. Men and Mad Men team up for the launch of their new book, Mr Sterling Gets Angry.

“People are saying to us all the time, ‘Why do this?” says AMC executive Tony Tolberg. “Well, I’ll tell you why. Harry Potter showed the world that books could bridge the gap between children and adults. Mad Men Mr. Men stretches that gap even wider and builds a larger bridge – a bridge over the river Why.”

Mad Men Mr. Men []

In Memoriam: To My Walkman

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The Top 5 Most Listened to Tracks on My Walkman
By Kate, Age 6*

1. Anything off of The Great 28 by Chuck Berry
2. “Subterranean Homesick Blues” — Bob Dylan
3. “Layla” — Derek and the Dominoes
4. “California Girls” — The Beach Boys
5. “Wild Tchoupitoulas – Meet De Boys On De Battlefront” – The Wild Tchoupitoulas

*Editors’ Note: This list is from memory. A number of Disney songs are exempt from it.

Sony retiring cassette Walkman in Japan [Washington Post]

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