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Reminder: You’re From Detriot, Ms. Ciccone

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“…when God decided where the beautiful men were going to live in the world, he did not choose Chicago” – Madonna to Steven Meisel, 1991.

Madonna: “I hate actresses.” [Letters of Note]

You Order A Bathing Suit Online Once

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And get emails like this one for the rest of eternity:

Though going to a Halloween party that entirely takes place in the pool might actually be the best of both worlds. And I have been wondering how to properly pull off my “Awesome Girl” costume.

A Favorite Movie Versus A Beer Commercial That Is Pretty Good Too

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Behold, the new Stella Artois commercial, directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola.

Look familiar? Perhaps that is because you too are a fan of the little-seen movie Down With Love, featuring RenĂ©e Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, with supporting roles by David Hyde Pierce and Sarah Paulson! It’s a play on the sex comedies of the 1960s, influenced a great deal by the 1959 film Pillow Talk starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson, as well as my fave book, Sex and the Single Girl. Anyway. Down With Love is awesome on so many levels, but I’m just going to quote Wikipedia because they really are saying it best this time: “Telling the story of a woman who advocates female independence in combat with a lothario, the plot reflects the attitudes and behaviour of the early pre-sexual revolution 1960s but has an anachronistic conclusion driven by more modern, post-feminist ideas and attitudes.”

I digress. The point of this is that the set in this ad looks just like the one for Ewan McGregor’s characters apartment in the film. Check it out:

Photographs copyright Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises

It’s hard to get the effect without seeing the furniture moving in and out (the bed in the first photo is a sofabed just like in the commercial). And in the film, there is an amazing scene where Sarah Paulson’s character gets stuck in the couch as well and her cigarette smoke comes pouring out. This style was pretty widely replicated across varying films from the time, but the similarity is so uncanny, I’m wondering if Anderson and Coppola saw it and got inspired. Or if I just haven’t watched enough movies from the period and am missing the one that Down With Love copied. Not that it matters. Everybody is stealing from someone else.

Down With Love: A Conversation with Set Decorator Don Diers [SDSA]

BONUS: Awesome scene from the movie featuring two of the best sets, and the best songs.

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