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Like Father Like Daughter

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It seems that both my Dad and I like stalking random couples who choose to take their wedding photos outside in busy cities while ignoring the throngs of curious onlookers watching them pose in their finery. His latest documentation, which can be found on his blog as well:

October 10, 2010: New York City

October 6, 2010: New York City

These are some of my favorite photos, from an entire summer documenting Europe:

July 24, 2010: Prague

Discovery of the Week, The Music Video Edition

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Working from home means that occasionally, you get to watch things that you wouldn’t be allowed to watch when working from a real place with real people. SUCH AS: VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the ’90s, which I’m not sure that I’ve seen before this viewing, but that’s probably just because they have so many top 100 countdowns and I’ve spent so many Saturday mornings doing chores and watching them that they’ve blurred together in my mind (I’m sorry, various producers of said shows; I’m sure your work is different and interesting). BUT: This time, I saw not one, but two music videos that can officially be labeled as NEVER BEFORE SEEN. I might add, however, that they fall into two different categories; actually really impressive, and mostly just impressive because I had not seen it before.

Actually Really Impressive
#59 – Weezer, “Buddy Holly”

Mostly Just Impressive Because I Had Not Seen It Before
#33 – Spice Girls, “Wannabe”

Spice Girls – Wannabe
Uploaded by starboymcfly. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

You can see that the style of these videos differs greatly. While “Buddy Holly” uses amazing stock footage from Happy Days and the genius of Spike Jonze to deliver, a cute, concise message, the “Wannabe” video takes all its inspiration from the song; it’s all over the place, non-sensical, and a great ride. All in all, my life has been bettered by this experience.

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