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Tim Gunn Participates In The “It Gets Better” Project

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“And you may be thinking, ‘What does Tim Gunn understand about my anguish, about my despair, about how I’m feeling, about my particular time and place in the world right now?'”

I actually am not thinking that at all Tim, because you tell it straight and keep it real. This is by far the best video that has come out of Dan Savage’s project. Gunn discusses how he attempted to commit suicide as a teenager, and how thankful he is now that he was unsuccessful. I really love this project because the lessons from it can be so universally applied; sometimes, we are only as strong as the people we choose to surround us, for better or worse.

I Saw The Social Network

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And dude, it’s worth the hype. So is this: Between Two Ferns is back, remix style!

“The Social Network” Trailer – watch more funny videos

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