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Alex And I Make A Puzzle

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And listened to records while sipping on juice boxes, it was very 1950s afterschool special. Except for the content…the puzzle in question was of Playboy‘s Miss December 1968 centerfold.

This was right after I left to go home for dinner because it was late and my parents set a curfew when I'm hanging out with boys. It's a good thing I left too, because things were taking a turn for the scandalous.

9:04 PM Alex: There is either a wart on her elbow, or i just discovered a nipple.

Alex: Is this considered sexting?

10:58 PM Alex: Missing two pieces. Not bad for a 42 year old puzzle.

If you’re interested in more of Ms. Cynthia Myers, especially of the NSFW variety, go here. She’s interested in parties, not interested in obnoxious people, and she’d sit still for lobster and wine. Seriously, let’s be best friends.

Also I want that dress.

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2 Responses to “Alex And I Make A Puzzle”

  1. Emily
    on Oct 5th, 2010
    @ 5:12 pm

    when are torpedo boobs coming back in style?

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