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This Has Been A Big Week For Kate And The Internet

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I’m now blogging over at Zelda Lily (tagline: “Feminism in a bra”). Check out my first post entitled There’s Something About Duke: “Fuck List” Case is Just the Latest, or my Bio, which is a good rundown of things to discuss and things to avoid discussing the next time we run into each other.
And come back for more, and comment and stuff, because we all know I love a good comment. Or a bad comment…

What If You Were In The New York Times

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Being raved about by your mom? Her post on their blog, The Choice (which is about college admissions) is getting rave reviews from parents who just. can’t. let. go. Also because my mom is awesome.

The comments are (no offense Mom) as usual, my favorite part. They range from

The off-topic:
October 4, 2010 2:50 pm
As a Berkeley alumnus, just let me say: GO BEARS.

— asad

To the accusatory:
October 4, 2010 2:31 pm
How fortunate you are to be able to afford this. Out of state tuition. The ability of your children to rent an apartment without a paying job. Travel in Europe. They have the education , support, and connections to live comfortable lives without fear of homelessness or hunger.

These are aspects of a lifestyle impossible to attain for most Americans.

Just one small example: when I fly to another city I don’t rent a car. I take public transportation. Indeed I have taken the BART from the airport to Berkley -very convenient and around $12 as I recall. Only a person who never needs worry about money would go through the inconvenience and additional expense of renting a car for that trip.

— John drabble

I feel a lot better about my life now that I know that renting a car makes you privileged. I had no idea that that’s the reason I’m lucky to lead the life I lead.

A Daughter Relocates 2,500 Miles Away, and a Mother Flies Home, Alone [NYTimes]

Alex And I Make A Puzzle

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And listened to records while sipping on juice boxes, it was very 1950s afterschool special. Except for the content…the puzzle in question was of Playboy‘s Miss December 1968 centerfold.

This was right after I left to go home for dinner because it was late and my parents set a curfew when I'm hanging out with boys. It's a good thing I left too, because things were taking a turn for the scandalous.

9:04 PM Alex: There is either a wart on her elbow, or i just discovered a nipple.

Alex: Is this considered sexting?

10:58 PM Alex: Missing two pieces. Not bad for a 42 year old puzzle.

If you’re interested in more of Ms. Cynthia Myers, especially of the NSFW variety, go here. She’s interested in parties, not interested in obnoxious people, and she’d sit still for lobster and wine. Seriously, let’s be best friends.

Also I want that dress.

Lots Of Good Lists; One In Particular

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But this one is definitely the best. The Frenemy brings us 7 Characters That Make People Terrified To Date Women, number 1 being the great Summer Finn, from 500 Days of Summer:

“…the thing that makes Summer so terrifying is that she’s pretty great. She doesn’t believe in relationships, she has shower sex, and she’s bisexual. She’s the dream girl! She’s awesome! Well, love her all you want, asshole. Because she’s going to shatter your heart into a million pieces and eat all the the beating parts right up. Sure- date the funny and awesome lady of your dreams! She’ll murder your spirit! Sound fun? Cool, go date a girl you really like, you masochist! Now, who’s up for pancakes?”

I could never quite place my finger of what about her character was so horrible, but this totally sums it up. And just FYI, I love pancakes, wherever you are out there, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Because I am sure you are totally like your character in 500 Days of Summer; a big architecture-loving dork who has an awesome chalkboard in his room.

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