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I love it when you read an item that you know is actually true. Case in point:

Not in a general, everybody-knows-John-Travolta-is-gay way. He actually does hit on and have affairs with men in spas and at the gym — he propositioned a good family friend of mine probably ten years ago. I don’t even care about why Kelly puts up with it, or whether they have an understanding, or if he is actually gay. BECAUSE THIS COVER OF STAR IS ACTUALLY TRUE. I wonder if this throws off Gawker’s Lie-O-Meter?

I think this is a great example of something that if I didn’t know it was true, I would never believe it. And it’s articles like this that almost make me wish I didn’t know, that John could just hit on men in spas and Kelly could do what she wanted about it, and no one else would be concerned. But we are involved, they’ve decided we should be involved enough in their lives that they participate in interviews and take photos, and we reciprocate by being interested. This seems particularly poignant because I recently watched the trailer for Adrian Grenier’s documentary for HBO, Teenage Paparazzo (just premiered Monday) about the relationship between celebrities and paparazzi. The story is all seen through Grenier’s eyes, while focusing on the life of one very young paparazzo. I know it’s his own celebrity, but he’s gotten interesting people to talk about Hollywood culture in the film. Maybe he is smarter than I thought, though years of watching him portray Vince on Entourage, the most boring character that has ever existed, have definitely made me biased.

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