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The NYTimes talks about genetics in two very different situations:


Image by Bernd Thissen/European Pressphoto Agency, via Corbis

Author Sean B. Carroll, a molecular biologist and geneticist at the University of Wisconsin says that, “The discovery of hybrid species and the detection of past hybridizations are forcing biologists to reshape their picture of species as independent units. The barriers between species are not necessarily vast, unbridgeable chasms; sometimes they get crossed with marvelous results.”

Hybrids May Thrive Where Parents Fear to Tread [NYT]


When it comes sexual reproduction, recent research suggests “…that a mother’s and father’s genes do not play exactly equal roles. Research published last month now suggests the asymmetry could be far more substantial than supposed. The asymmetry, based on a genetic mechanism called imprinting, could account for some of the differences between male and female brains and for differences in a mother’s and father’s contributions to social behavior.”

Tug of War Pits Genes of Parents in the Fetus [NYT]

…Okay maybe not so different after all.

It’s A Rainbow! It’s A Desk Of Books!

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It’s both! This librarian looks just as pleased as I would be.

Update: This is from the architecture library at Delft University of Technology. Even better; there’s nothing worse than an architecture building that’s hideous.

Library information desk [Recyclart]

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