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The Sims…Get Medieval! And, Golden Years with Heath Ledger

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The Sims Medieval is being released! I haven’t been this excited since my sister lied to me when I was 13 and told me that they were coming out with a new Sims immediately where you could live in a city, in an apartment building with lots of neighbors, and the children would grow into adults, and there were cars you could drive, and lots of things that of course now they have but at the time were revolutionary concepts.

You get to go on a quest! There are heroes! With a fatal flaw! Also leeches are involved!

On the structure of the game, Rachel Bernstein, senior producer for Sims Studio says that, “Some people talked about Sim City blending,” Bernstein said. “But we had to ask ourselves, ‘What’s the heart of this game? If it says The Sims on it, it means it’s about people. In Sims games you create, control and nurture people; in Sim City you create and nurture a city.” This was always my problem with Sim City — I like the idea of nurturing a city in theory, but in practice, building specific houses for specific personalities was my favorite part. Emma and I basically used it like CAD for beginners.
Sims Medieval Doesn’t Stray Far From Its Roots [Kotaku]

Also A Knight’s Tale is on, and here is the best scene ever. Great song, great movie.

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