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Alexander Hamilton Rapper Marries; Vows Article Features Choice Quotes

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Lin-Manuel Miranda got married! Congrats bro. This is a wedding announcement I can get behind.

Some highlights:
1) Yea, clearly she was just not paying attention. Darting, furtive glances are a dead giveaway.
“To his surprise, she showed up, and even joined him and several friends afterward for drinks. ‘It was a huge group so he didn’t talk to me the whole night,’ said Ms. Nadal, now 28. ‘I didn’t think he was interested in me.’
But, he added, ‘if she’d just paid attention, she would have known from my darting, furtive glances.’

2) My new catchphrase: All killer, no filler.
‘She knows she’s dope,’ he said. ‘She’s beautiful but not vain. She’s smart but not arrogant. It’s like, all killer, no filler.’

3) God, I wish I was made of “feathers, clouds, whipped cream and youth.”
“The bride looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor in an Oscar de la Renta strapless gown with a low-cut bodice and a wildly frilly skirt that appeared to be made of feathers, clouds, whipped cream and youth.”


The Sims…Get Medieval! And, Golden Years with Heath Ledger

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The Sims Medieval is being released! I haven’t been this excited since my sister lied to me when I was 13 and told me that they were coming out with a new Sims immediately where you could live in a city, in an apartment building with lots of neighbors, and the children would grow into adults, and there were cars you could drive, and lots of things that of course now they have but at the time were revolutionary concepts.

You get to go on a quest! There are heroes! With a fatal flaw! Also leeches are involved!

On the structure of the game, Rachel Bernstein, senior producer for Sims Studio says that, “Some people talked about Sim City blending,” Bernstein said. “But we had to ask ourselves, ‘What’s the heart of this game? If it says The Sims on it, it means it’s about people. In Sims games you create, control and nurture people; in Sim City you create and nurture a city.” This was always my problem with Sim City — I like the idea of nurturing a city in theory, but in practice, building specific houses for specific personalities was my favorite part. Emma and I basically used it like CAD for beginners.
Sims Medieval Doesn’t Stray Far From Its Roots [Kotaku]

Also A Knight’s Tale is on, and here is the best scene ever. Great song, great movie.

The Beauty Rundown (This Week)

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My opinions about what beauty is and how much it should matter change a lot. But here’s some stuff I’ve been reading/consuming lately, mostly thanks to Netflix instant, which has a lot of awful movies, but a consistently great documentary collection. Even my mom was impressed.

1) “To me, the key to beauty, is to constantly learn, and grow, and do things, have adventures. Maybe they just learned how to garden, and they’ve never done something like that before, or roller skate, or been to the arctic, or backpacked, or, you know, just did something, so that you see it in their eyes. That to me, absolutely, 100%, is beautiful.” — Cheryl Tiegs

2) “I love beauty, it’s not my fault…I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.” Valentino Garavani, Valentino: The Last Emperor

3) Anyone who hasn’t seen it should watch the BBC mini-series The Human Face with John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley that came out in 2001. The section about Beauty (all on Youtube, with part 1 of it embedded below) is my favorite, but the other three episodes are great too.

Nine Years

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Colson Whitehead’s The Way We Live Now: 11-11-01; Lost and Found is how I felt then, and how I feel now.

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