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Lourdes Goes to LAG

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“The fashionable Lourdes – who runs a Macy’s clothing line with her mom – sported ankle-high leather boots, a black skirt and a plaid sleeveless shirt over a white T-shirt. She clutched a cell phone, with a multicolored wristband on her right arm offset by an assortment of bracelets on her left.” Sounds like she’s really pushing the fashion envelope for teenage girls. Multicolored wristbands?!

When I found out she was class of 2014, I felt olddd. But then I watched the interview with these kids, and it didn’t seem so long ago that I was hanging out with them, saying mildly inarticulate things.

Let the drama begin! Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has fashionable start at LaGuardia High School [The Daily News]

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