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What’s Your Flavor?

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Because it seems like photographer Gordon von Steiner’s preference might be vanilla, every night.

The Wandering Eye: 100 Girls of Summer — Photographs by Gordon von Steiner [GQ]

But perhaps I’m being overly harsh. After all, we are all allowed our preferences, and I certainly have mine. Let’s get a male’s perspective on this, shall we?

Danny: Look, I’ll start this off with: I appreciate good looking girls, but this seems ridiculous. It’s the same girl in every picture, regardless of “awesome” location. The only thing that changes is maybe the girl’s hair color or skin tone. It’s like he took a group of slender heroin-chic models and distributed them throughout hipster-tastic locations.

BONUS: For a little fun, scroll through this slideshow as rapidly as you can, like one of those old-school flip books. Things start to blur together…

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