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Even A Set Can Be Classy

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An actual television or movie set can totally ruin the illusion. The fact that this is:

a) Mad Men (attention to detail is taken to the extreme on that show. Just check out the shots of the props) and b) shot beautifully in black and white, seems to retain a little of that mystique. Plus they’re all just so pretty.

Inside ‘Mad Men’: On Set and Behind the Scenes of the Emmy- Winning Show [RS]

Who Says I Don’t Like Animals

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I wish this wasn’t photoshopped to death, because then I could actually believe that those lion cubs are just casually hanging out with Julianne Moore and her Bulgari purse. Siegfried and Roy are probably desperately calling Bulgari just to get their hands on these little guys.

“Who’s That?!”: Emmy Fashion 2010

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Featuring Kate and KB, with occasional comments by Kate’s Mom
Kate: Before any of this starts, might I just note that on E!, this rando interviewer who is apparently named Kristin just interrupted a discussion about The Office to tell us that she’s pregnant. She’s freaking out because she just like, spilled the beans, (though clearly on purpose, so I don’t know if that phrase is even applicable here) but basically she was overtly concerned we’d think she was fat. Her Nicole Richie look-alike sidekick is freaking out. When did these people get the idea that we care about them?! Oh, perhaps when Giuliana Rancic got her own TV show because she’s married to this dude who was on the apprentice. Giuliana, not only are you awful, but you are not famous, you simply stand next to people who are and let you breathe their air.
KB: Giuliana Rancic looks like Jennifer Aniston and Lara Flynn Boyle in their “lollipop” phases.

KB: Lea Michele — too too skinny! love her, but girl needs to eat a sandwich. also it looks like she dyed a flamenco dancer’s dress navy.
Kate: She knows her colors, not her fishtail. I too cannot wait for the Britney Spears Glee episode to air. I wonder if there will be special moments with Britney/Heather Morris and Britney/Spears? That would be basically the best.

KB: Claire Danes – SPARKLES. LOVE.
Kate: I knew it.

KB: Maybe someone should send Kelly Osbourne to the Med Bakery for sandwiches with Lea Michele. On the plus side I like her dress.
Kate: Kelly Osbourne is doing E! fashion? Has she sold her soul to the devil…even Ozzie, King of the Underworld, wouldn’t pull such a move. Maybe this is E!’s way of trying to be edgy and less stereotypically judgmental ala my bestie, Giuliana.

KB: Is January Jones‘ dress made out of coffee filters? Also mullet dresses are so bipolar to me – pick a fucking length. (Side note – she still looks gorgeous – that blue with her eyes is awesome).
Kate: DISAGREE. At least she took a risk. Versace as usual. I like her hair.

KB: Jayma Mays looks stunning. I love the dress. I love the color on her. I love the Brigitte Bardot hair. The gold jewelry is great. The clutch… well, black sequined clutch with a navy dress and gold accessories might not have been the best choice so let’s just pretend she’s holding someone else’s bag.

KB: I want to look like Kyra Sedgwick when I’m her age. Also I love that color. The dress too, but mostly the color. Side note – did I tell you about that time I heard her do a radio interview right before the massive DC storm and she was all stressed that her flight would be cancelled and her, Kevin and the kids wouldn’t make it on vacation and she was so charming and cute and mom-stressed about it? Okay, I’m done now.
Kate: Kyra Sedgwick is told by Giuliana Ransick that, “This is your best dress ever.” Agreed. Her hair looks awesome even though it shouldn’t. She’s also told that because she’s been with Kevin Bacon for 22 years that that’s equivalent to 112 years in Hollywood. True but it’s KEVIN BACON (if you haven’t been forced to hear the story, I once ate mango at his house and swam in his pool. FACT).

KB: Oh hi, Dianna Agron is wearing a costume from Gone with the Wind. She’s so pretty. It’s so sad. Maybe she’s making a play to scarlett o’hara in the remake. Like how Lea Michele sang to audition for funny girl at the Tony’s…
Kate: She’s super cute, and the tweeted picture of her sleeping on set that they showed during the red carpet is hilar. I feel like those kids are just worked to the bone and there may be a lawsuit in their future.

KB: Dear Susan Sarandon, you’re a bad ass. Love KB
Kate: Note — this photo is not of Susan Sarandon wearing Ray Bans on the red carpet. Please be advised that she did, indeed, wear Ray Bans on the red carpet.
KB: I don’t like Eva Amurri‘s new hair color.

KB: Damn Amy Poehler had that baby 3 WEEKS ago?!
Mom: (Stunned that she just had a baby like 3 weeks ago).

Kate: GLITTER. There’s a reason I was a disco stick for Halloween.

Mom: Kim Kardashian looks like a roman maiden.
Kate: Note that Mrs. K is lurkin’ in the background during the red carpet. Always.

Kate: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is aging like a fine wine. Though according to my mom, that’s just the botox and I’m giving her too much credit. Guiliana just said “Your body looks smoking in that.”
Mom: That’s so gay.

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