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Monday Movie Night

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And I’m watching The Parent Trap. A moment of glory, shall we?

OMG I have a ripped photo of my mom! (You know I’m the one from California because I have a trendy haircut and my ears are pierced and I have blue nail polish on).

OMG I too have a ripped picture of my dad! (You know I’m the British one because I have a headband on and a polo).

RIPPED RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE?! (RIP Natasha Richardson and oh hai! Dennis Quaid, you’re looking splendid).

The miracle of technology allows us to be in the same photo! Now the rest of the story can unfold, because it took a ripped photograph to convince us that we are identical twins…you know, our different haircuts and accents was not enough to indicate that).

P.S. In the ABC Family channel version of this film, in the scene where Hallie pierces Annie’s ears, the needle actually going into the ear was cut out. It is wayy more anticlimactic of a scene with this important part cut out, though it was apparently not suitable for children.

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