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I Regret to Inform You

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That Elizabeth Gilbert’s website is in Comic Sans. Italicized. Lizzie, I would love to believe that your “prose is fueled by a mix of intelligence, wit and colloquial exuberance that is close to irresistible”* (though, having read the actual book, I’m not sure I would go so far as to use any word but “colloquial” to describe it), however, how can I, WHEN YOUR WEBSITE IS IN COMIC SANS?

*Jennifer Egan, NYT Book Review

No seriously; no hard feelings. I just think your TED talk is way better than this shiz.

BREAKING NEWS: Magazine Covers Populated By Old People

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Doree Shafrir’s article in The Hollywood Reporter today discussed how the big, fat September magazine covers for this year are largely dominated by actresses who have established themselves. You know, the ones that are (whispers) older. As in, over 40. Apparently, starlets just aren’t the thing anymore, and the average consumer won’t plunk down $5 for a magazine with Blake Lively on the cover talking about her tiny dog. Now, nothings wrong with Shafrir’s article; in fact, I mostly agree with the premise that another cover about Lindsay Lohan just isn’t going to cut it these days. But perhaps isn’t it that women (and men) just want to pay to read about interesting women? And that perhaps interest grows with age? More life experience to discuss, though perhaps less partying?
Shafrir also analyzes which films make the most money, indicating that women like Julia Roberts can control the box office in a way that many of her younger competitors, some of whom are vying to be the next her, cannot. The one problem with the argument that Roberts more popular or whatever is that perhaps the people who like Julia Roberts are just more likely to go to the movie theater and actually pay $13 or whatever obscene amount of money a feature-film costs these days. The box office draws the people who have the money to go to it. Yes, if we want to see a movie enough, we’ll see it, no matter what the cost or what our age is (case in point: me and Easy A, which omgIamsoexcitedfor). But “kids these days” will just download, far more than the women who are going to see Eat, Pray, Love ever would. I know we live in a consumer society, and everything is measured by how much someone will pay for it, and how many of those someones there are. But the more time goes on, the more I feel that

a) we all just want to genuinely be interested in someone or something, and

b) the means by which we’ll consume what is presented to us are changing. And will keep changing.

As Irin at Jezebel says, “So it’s back to basics! Over 40 is the new — whatever, you know what I mean.”

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The Past, Present and Future of the World

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Since we’re loving maps these days. I’d probably be happiest living on the “Strait of Rick Roll.”

And speaking of the internet and computers, check out my lovely domain master Lauren’s blog, especially this post about women, computer science, and education. The original post she responded to is here, and also super interesting, and very extensive (for those of us who feel less in charge of computers and more controlled by them).

This is Why I Will Remain a Pedestrian

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Today, In Things We’ve Learned

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fridge, v. to kill off a female character solely for the purpose of giving the story’s main male hero a reason to angst. Coined by Gail Simone in response to a storyline in The Green Lantern in which the hero’s girlfriend is killed and literally stuffed in his refrigerator. In 1999, Simone started a website, Women in Refrigerators, that lists all of the comic book women who have been fridged.”

P.S. For less women literally in comics, but definitely more women who write comics, check out Kate Beaton: “LADIES ALWAYZ TAMPONS! AM I RIGHT?” was basically all we said in Europe. Also this one about Pope John Paul, our homie.

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