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A Note from Alex the GBF (Not to be confused with the BFG)

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Hot Topic: Gay Best Friend [Teen Vogue]

Alex: Oh hey, we’re Teen Vogue and we just wrote a whole article about how a GBF is the new must-have accessory for teen girls.
BUT REMEMBER they are not a passing fad or arm candy.
If it’s unavoidable and I must be relegated to ‘accessory’ status, just promise me that I’ll be one of the bags on the Barney’s main floor and not some Mossimo for Target mess. k thanks.

Party Down Is Cancelled

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Please excuse me while I go cry in a dark room alone for the rest of time. kthanksbye.

Yep, Party Down has been cancelled [AV Club]

How About We…

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…stop thinking we’re quirky and get on with our lives?
I read this extensive article about this new dating site aloud to my mom and Emma while waiting for yet another ferry to yet another island. I’m pretty sure the Germans next to us were laughing at my incredulous expressions.

The Ritual of the First Date, Circa 2010 [NYT]

Filling the Void

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If KB didn’t send me these links, I wouldn’t be getting my fix while abroad. Oh Mad Men, how I pine for thee…

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