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Alex Quotes

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1) A statement and a request from a gentleman and a scholar:
“Know your shit before you get at me.”

2) A inaccurate but very strong belief:
“Creep by TLC is the best song from the 90s.”

I may have graduated from college, but this is clearly the more important news to get across.

Woah RiRi

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“And on ‘Fireworks’ there’s a verse about Rihanna, who asked him last year to write a song for her new album; the two soon began seeing each other regularly, though they never publicly confirmed their brief relationship.

‘I was a pawn,’ Drake said. The song he wrote for her never got released. ‘You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear,’ he said. ‘I was like, wow, this feels terrible.'” [NYT]

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