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Be A Baller…

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And be like Jessie. Hope she fills the void with tales of her travels while mine are being sporadically updated…

Silly Bandz

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Megan turned me on to them. Got the Disney Princess set at the airport. Whoever thought of these is brilliant.

All I Want Is You

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I dream of Lobster Rolls at night [Scanwiches]

Newest Recruit

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And UChicago is lucky to have her. Read more about Jamie Keiles here.

I loved the concept of Jamie’s project. As her blog reveals, trying to live one’s life according to a manual whose purpose is to better women’s lives is clearly much more difficult than even I give it credit for. As I compare my thesis and her work, it’s clear that things haven’t changed much in 50 years, and that we have a lot to work for. But our collective consciousness definitely has changed. Jamie seems to think so, and as I hope it’s true, that blogs are helping promote that culture of discussion.

Great Hair Day

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NYC Street Scenes, Via Danny Dries

See: The Thelonious Sphere Monk Memorial WebLog

Cannot Wait

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There really just are no words.

Groovin’ With Ken: Yes Please!

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So because my past few weeks have been full of graduations and packing and reflecting on life, I think I’ll roll with that theme on the blog for awhile. I watched this clip a few weeks ago and loved it, but after seeing Toy Story 3 the other day, I like it even more. It was basically a perfect film, and without ruining things, I think it makes fun of and plays with gender stereotypes in an interesting way. I often hope that in the future, I’ll raise my hypothetical children in an environment that is as gender-neutral as possible, and toys always seem to be included in that vision. Anyway, Toy Story 3 is great, Barbie is hilarious, and Ken is even funnier. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry (Well, I sobbed anyway).

With Flipped, Rob Reiner Tugs At Your Heartstrings

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I love how I can be nostalgic for a time I never experienced. This feels like Now and Then all over again.

A Note from the World’s Worst Font

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But don’t worry, he’s just going to go get hammered with Papyrus.
I’m Comic Sans, Asshole” [McSweeney’s]

Phrase of the Times

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“Vamp Stamp” = Hickey.
Coined by Emma and Co.
(Not to be confused with some sort of vampire-inspired postage stamp, which is what Carolanne’s ten-year-old brother Owen thought it was).

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