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These are weirdly addictive. I can’t quite figure out why they are so calming.
juicystar07 is Blair, a girl from Texas who makes her own videos.* I recently found out Mia is also a fan, and I’ve convinced Jessie and Alex that she’s great also. There is something weirdly soothing about her videos — watching her put on make-up is so relaxing, and she’s weirdly relatable, despite the fact that we have little to nothing in common. She’s a bit of an internet sensation, so I’m not alone in my interest. Lauren also says I should watch the informational video that comes with the Bare Essential’s make-up kit, because “There’s a lot of swirl, tapping and buffing. I suggest doing something like folding clothes while you do it.” Since folding clothes is basically the most calming activity there is, and I evidently find watching people put on make-up to produce a similar vibe, I guess we can either conclude that a) I secretly wish I was a homemaker or b) magazines are prescriptive for a reason: it’s what people want.

*Her sister Ellie is more my age and has a video channel as well, but for some reason they’re way less appealing. I can’t quite figure out why.

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My Dad sent me this link, as I tend to not peruse HuffPost too much because they have some really dumb articles amongst their worthy ones; they seem to have overloaded their content and dumbed it down in recent years. HOWEVER: I’m so glad I didn’t miss this. Hoda and Kathie Lee are so entertaining — it always seems like they’re drunk on the show (in this one, the fact that they are on the air without any make-up seems to warrant their drinking at 10 am). Also, Hoda can clearly barely tolerate Kathie Lee much of the time, which I find completely legitimate.
Aside from the early morning drinking, this is a “special” episode, centered around what the women “actually” look like. As stated before, Hoda and Kathie Lee are not wearing make-up, and are joined by number of other anchors and correspondants . This is just the latest in a slew of advertisements, articles, spreads, television shows, etc. that are using the “natural” look of their participants market themselves. There’s no problem with this per se, it just seems to be so obviously capitalistic and not particularly helpful to the consumers. Yes, going through the amount of work it takes to make Hoda and Kathie Lee look the way they look everyday on the show is informative. But making an episode of a show, or an issue of a magazine “special” because the women involved are barely wearing make-up, or are plus-size, isn’t really interesting. What would be interesting would be if there were a variety of images presented to the American public; some with models who were heavily made-up, others without. As discussed in my recent Britney Spears for Candies post, different types of women’s bodies would be helpful too. The problem isn’t the illusion; it’s only having that illusion and nothing else. Maybe then, choices would made based more on what fit the tone of the image, and Hoda and Kathie Lee wouldn’t have to show us how much make-up they put on to be on television. And Kathie Lee wouldn’t have to exclaim to another anchor, “You look beautiful!”, as if it’s some sort of surprise that this could be possible.

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